rack for the dining room
DIY Wooden Plate Rack

Free woodworking project plans: This rack are often manufactured from any reasonably wood and finished to match other pieces of furniture within the room, but because it is of mission design, oak is that the best suited lumber, because it takes the mission stain so nicely.

The material required is as follows:

• 4 posts, 1-1/2 by 1-1/2 by 28 in., S-4-S.
• 1 top, 7/8 by 7-1/4 by 48 in., S-2-S.
• 2 plate rails, 7/8 by 6-1/4 by 32 in., S-2-S.
• 2 back boards, 7/8 by 7-1/4 by 25 in., S-2-S.
• 2 side boards, 7/8 by 5-1/4 by 25 in., S-2-S.
• 4 shelves, 7/8 by 6-1/2 by 8-1/4 in., S-2-S.
• 2 plate rests, 7/8 by 7/8 by 32 in., S-4-S.

DIY Wooden Plate Rack

This stock is specified to exact thickness, but some allowance is formed for trimming on the sides and ends.

Begin work by squaring up the posts to length and beveling the highest ends, then trim the rear and side boards. These are nailed together, lapping the rear board over the side board. The posts are fastened with dowels placed at equal distances apart. Hot glue is employed within the joints.

free woodworking project plans

The four shelves are now put in situ. These are notched intent on fit round the posts and are nailed and glued.

While the glue is hardening on these, the plate rails are often cut of this free woodworking project plans. These have 7/8-in grooves near the front edge to receive the lower fringe of the plates when resting against the 2 strips placed 5 in. above the plate rails and much enough back to stop the plates from falling forward.

DIY Wooden Plate Rack

The rails are fastened to the 2 sides with dowels, three at each end being sufficient. the 2 strips slot in mortises cut within the side pieces. the highest is then placed on. This fits round the posts and rests on the edges. Hooks on which to hold cups are placed under the rails. All parts are thoroughly sandpapered before the stain is applied.

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